ISRO Scientist/Engineer Question Paper Computer Science 2018

Getting started with ISRO Scientist/Engineer Question Paper (Computer Science) – 2018

1. Question

Consider the following program
int x = 1;
printf (“%d”, (*char(char *)&x)) ;
Assuming required header files are included and if the machine in which this program is executed is little- endian, then the output will be

Bonus Awarded

2. Question

Consider the following declaration :
struct addr {
char city[10];
char street[30];
int pin ;
struct {
char name[30];
Int gender ;
struct addr locate ;
} person , *kd = &person ;
Then *(kd -> name +2 ) can be used instead of

3. Question

If a variable can take only integral values from 0 to n, where n is an integer, then the variable can be represented as a bit-field field whose width is ( the log in the answers are to the base 2, and [log n] means the floor of log n )

4. Question

The following C program
fork() ; fork() ; printf (“y
If we execute this core segment, how many times the string yes will be printed?

5. Question

Consider the following table in a relational database
Last Name Rank Room Shift
Smith Manager 234 Morning
Jones Custodian 33 Afternoon
Smith Custodian 33 Evening
Doe Clerical 222 Morning
According to the data shown in the table, which of the following could be a candidate key of the table?