ISRO Scientist/Engineer Question Paper Computer Science 2018

61. Question

The Operating System of a computer may periodically collect all the free memory space to form contiguous block of free space. This is called

62. Question

Any set of Boolean operators that is sufficient to represent all Boolean expressions is said to be complete.
Which of the following is not complete?

63. Question

Consider a singly linked list of the form where F is a pointer to the first element in the linked list and L is the pointer to the last element in the list. The time of which of the following operations depends on the length of the list?

64. Question

A particular BNF definition for a “word” is given by the following rules.
<word> :: = <letter> | <letter><charpair><charpair> | <letter><intpair>
<charpair> :: = <letter><letter> | <charpair><letter><letter>
<intpair> :: = <integer><integer> | <intpair><integer><integer>
<letter> :: = a | b | c | ….. | y | z
<integer> :: = 0 | 1 | 2 | …. | 9
Which of the following lexical entries can be derived from < word > ?

I. pick
II. picks
III. c44

65. Question

Of the following, which best characterizes computers that use memory-mapped I/O?