ISRO Scientist/Engineer Question Paper Computer Science 2018

11. Question

——————— can detect burst error of length less than or equal to degree of the polynomial and detects burst errors that affect odd number of bits.

12. Question

An array A consists of n integers in locations A[0], A[1] ….A[n-1]. It is required to shift the elements of the array cyclically to the left by k places, where 1 <= k <= (n-1). An incomplete algorithm for doing this in linear time, without using another array is given below. Complete the algorithm by filling in the blanks.Assume all the variables are suitably declared.
min = n ; i = 0;
while (_______________) {
temp = A[i] ; j = i;
while ( __________ ) {
A[j] = ___________;
j= (j + k) mod n ;
If ( j< min ) then
min = j ;
A[ (n+ i – k) mod n ] = __________ ;
i= ________ ;

13. Question

The difference between a named pipe and a regular file in Unix is that

14. Question

A class of 30 students occupy a classroom containing 5 rows of seats, with 8 seats in each row. If the 1students seat themselves at random, the probability that the sixth seat in the fifth row will be empty is

15. Question

The domain of the function log( log sin(x) ) is