ISRO Scientist/Engineer Question Paper Computer Science 2018

76. Question

Cloaking is a search engine optimization (SEO) technique. During cloaking

77. Question

What is one advantage of setting up a DMZ(Demilitarized Zone) with two firewalls?

78. Question

Which one of the following algorithm is not used in asymmetric key cryptography?

79. Question

A doubly linked list is declared as
struct Node {
int Value ;
struct Node *Fwd ;
struct Node *Bwd ;
} ;
Where Fwd and Bwd represent forward and backward link to the adjacent elements of the list. Which of the following segments of code deletes the node pointed to by X from the doubly linked list, if it is assumed that X points to neither the first nor the last node of the list?

80. Question

If Tree-1 and Tree-2 are the trees indicated below :

Which traversals of Tree-1 and Tree-2, respectively, will produce the same sequence?