Immunology MCQ

1. Question

One of the following statements about endotoxins is false

 They are heat stable.
 Protien-polyaccharide-lipid complex in nature
 Action is often enzymatic
 Is produced by Gram-negative bacteria.

2. Question

One of following statements about exotoxins is false

 Action is often enzymatic
 Have specific tissue affinity
 Are active in very minute doses
 Polysaccharide-lipid complex in nature

3. Question

A state in which the organism persists in small numbers in tissue in the presence of immune state is known as


4. Question

Active immunity is not acquired by

 Immunoglobulin transfer
 Subclnical infection

5. Question

Transfer factor is

 Plasmid responsible for transfer of drug resistance
 Extract of immunologically competent lymphocytes
 Hyperimmune globulin


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