Virology MCQs

41. Question

Which of the following is false about HIV ?

 It is a DNA virus
 It attacks CD4 cells
 Macrophages are the reservoir
 It reverses CD4:CD8 ratio

42. Question

During the window period of patients with AIDS

 ELISA is negative
 Western blot is negative
 Both ELISA and Western blot is negative
 PCR is negative

43. Question

All the followingare characteristic opportunistic infection in AIDS EXCEPT

 Kaposi sarcoma
 M avium intracellulare

44. Question

The best laboratory method to diagnose AIDS infection is

 Western blot test
 Complement Fixation test

45. Question

The approximate chance of infection per exposure is less in the case of

 Blood trasfusion
 Tissue or organ donation
 Sexual contact
 Transplacental transmission