Virology MCQs

16. Question

Epstein Barr virus causes all the following EXCEPT

 Burkitt’s lymphoma
 Infectious mononucleosis
 Nasopharyngeal carcinoma
 Cervical carcinoma

17. Question

Paul-Bunnell test is done in

 Melta fever
 Enteric fever
 Infectious mononuclesis
 Typhus fever

18. Question

The most definitive diagnostic method for polio is

 Virus isolation from blood
 Virus isolation from CSF
 Virus isolation from feces of throat
 Serological diagnosis

19. Question

Oral polio is vaccine is preferred over salk’s killed polio vaccine in epidemics for

 Easy administration
 Development of local immunity
 Passive immunisation of fellow children in community
 All of the above

20. Question

Which is the following is true about influenza?

 Lare epidemics is due to antigenic drift
 Has double stranded RNA
 Nucleocapsid is protective
 Neuraminidase and hemagglutination are specific