Quantitative Techniques in Management MCQ

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1. Question

Statement – I : Operations research seeks to replace intuitive decision making for large complex problems with an approach that identifies the optimal or best alternative through analysis.

Statement – II : Operations Managers have adopted the approaches and techniques of operations research to improve their decision-making.


2. Question
________ is used for analysing
capacity planning decisions.


3. Question

Match the following :

List – I List-II
a. To co-ordinate work centre schedules by showing the progress of each job i. EOQ
b. The goal of continuous improvement in every phase of manufacturing  ii. Queue length
c. Optimal quantity asked to supply that minimises total annual stocking costs iii. Gantt Chart 
 d. End product or service of a conversion system iv. Kaizen


4. Question

Match the following :

List -I List – II
 a. Any physically identifiable part of a project i. Network
b. The terminal point of an activity ii. Event
c. The longest chain in the Network iii. Activity
d. Logically and sequentially connected arrows and nodes iv. Critical path



5. Question
For nominal data, the only measure
of central tendency, that can be
applied is


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