Virology MCQs

36. Question

The viral infection that spreads through carneal transplant is

 Creutzeldt-Jakob disease

37. Question

Nadciw dusease (bovine spongioform encephalopathy) is similar to which disease among humans ?

 Alzheimer’s disease
 Creutzeldt jakob disease
 Huntington’s Chorea
 Pick’s disease

38. Question

Which of the following is false about SARS ?

 It is caused by coronavirus 4
 It spreads by droplets or aerosols of respiratory secretions
 It caused an epidemic in india
 Reverse transcriptase – PCR is used in diagnosis

39. Question

Which types of human papilloma virus are associated with carcinoma cervix?

 Tyoes 6,12,18
 Types 16,18,31
 Types 6,8,11
 Types 3,10,19

40. Question

All of the following are oncogenic EXCEPT

 EB virus
 Papilloma virus
 Herpes simplex virus
 Varicella zoster virus