GATE 2020 Computer Science and IT Question Paper with answer

GATE 2020 Computer Science and IT Question Paper with answers:

The paper has two sections:-

  1. General Aptitude
  2. Computer Science

Getting Started with General Aptitude:

1. Question

Raman is confident of speaking English _____six months. He has been practicing regularly ___the last three weeks.

2. Question

Select the word that fits the analogy.
Cook : Cook :: Fly :

3. Question

This knowledge of the subject was excellent but his class room performance was __

4. Question

Mode a and e are toll booths which costs 200 and all other toll both b, c, d, f costs only 100. Minimum cost for each from 1 to 2. (Path was given) [Bonus]

5. Question

Goods services tax (GST) in an indirect tax introduced in India in 2014 that is imposed on the supply of goods and services used and it subsumes all indirect taxes except few. It is a district based tax
imposed on goods and services used it is not imposed at the point of origin from where goods come. GST also has a few components specific to state government, central government and UTS? Which one of the following can be inferred from given passage?