GATE 2020 Computer Science and IT Question Paper with answer

6. Question

If P =3, R = 27, T = 243, then Q + S =

7. Question

The total revenue of a company during 2014-2018 is shown in bar graph. The total expenditure of the company in each year is 500 million rupees. The aggregate profit/ loss percentage on the total expenditure of the company during 2014-2018 is ___

8. Question

The figure below shows in angular ring with outer inner radii b and a. The angular space been pointed in the form of blue colour circle touching the outer and inner peripheral gular space. If maximum n number of circles can be pointed then unpainted area available in angular space is ___


π[(b2 -a2 )-n(a/2)2 ]

[(a2  – b2)-n(b/2)2]

[(b2 – a2)-n ((b-a)/2)2]

9. Question

The straight lines are drawn perpendicular to each other in the XY plane. The angle and are acute angles made by line as with x-axis then α+ β =?