Computer Fundamentals: Input Output and other peripheral Devices MCQs For Bank Exams

36. Question

When two processors are employed in a computer, it is known as:

 double processing.
 parallel processing.
 CPU duplicate processing.

37. Question

Units that work together in the CPU include all EXCEPT:

 the ALU.
 the prefetch unit.
 the decode unit.

38. Question

 The CPU’s ALU contains:

 RAM spaces.
 byte spaces.
 secondary storage space.

39. Question

  The part of the CPU that instructs the bus unit to read instructions stored at a certain memory address is known as the:

 bus device.
 prefetch unit.
 decode unit.

40. Question

The storage area for the next likely data or instruction to be processed,  preventing bottlenecks and slowing of the system, is known as:

 the register.
 the CPU.


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