Computer Fundamentals: Input Output and other peripheral Devices MCQs For Bank Exams

31. Question

Linux is a(n):

 computer system.
 operating system.
 piece of application software.
 type of CPU device.

32. Question

The clock of a computer system is the:

 software that shows the time on the taskbar.
 timing device that processes all instructions input into the computer.
 timing device that produces electrical pulses to synchronize the computer’s operations.
 device that is the newest and most modern in a computer system.

33. Question

A computer’s clock speed is measured in:


34. Question

The word size of a typical PC’s CPU is:

 1 or 2 bytes.
 32 or 64 bits.
 32 or 64 bytes.
 8 or 16 bits.

35. Question

   The ____________, by Intel, is a 64-bit processor.



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