Rajasthan Board Secondary Examination 2011 – Social Science

Rajasthan Board Secondary Examination 2011 – Social Science II

1(i)How much per cent part of the earth is under water ?          ½

(A) 70·21   (B) 60·80
(C) 29·13   (D) 90.

(ii)Main oilseed producing country is                          ½
(A) Japan   (B) India
(C) Italy      (D) England.

(iii)Main industry of Rajasthan is           ½
(A) Iron and Steel  (B) Cloth
(C)Gems                     (D) Sugar.

(iv)World Consumer Day is                 ½
(A)9th April           (B) 1st March
(C) 15th March    (D) 24th December.

2.What is the meaning of resource ?    ½

3. Write the temperature conditions suitable for production of rice.  ½

4.In which year was the Five-Year Plans started in India ?     ½

5. Claims of how much amount could be heard by District Consumer Forum ?          ½

6. Give the objectives of Economic Planning.          1

7. Write the basic principle of co-operatives.          1

8. Give two reasons of consumer exploitation.    ½+½=1

9. Show the classification of subsidiary books with the help of chart.  1

10. Write the rules of entry in personal accounts.                 1

11. Show the classification of resources on the basis of continuity of use with the help of chart.        1½

12. Write the names of components of soil.        1½

13. Write the names of coal producing areas in India.     1½

14. Suggest measures of technical reforms in agriculture of India ( any three ).½+½+½=1½

15. Write the problems of sugar industry in India ( any three ).   ½+½+½=1½

16. Explain population education.            1½

17. Give the status of literacy in India.         1½

18. Write the objectives of Tenth Five-Year Plan ( any three ).½+½+½=1½

19. What is the meaning of Globalisation ?                        1½

20. Define unemployment.                      1½

21. Explain the characteristics of Business Organisation.              4

22. Describe subsidiary books used to write the transactions of business goods.                                4

23. Describe the major reasons of unemployment in present India.     4


Explain the causes of Poverty in India.                                    4

24. Describe the National Consumer Commission with regard to help the consumer.                                   4


Describe four rights and four duties of a consumer.    (4x½) + (4x½) = 4