Immunology MCQ

16. Question

Which of the following is true about multiple myeloma?

 The antibodies produced are normal.
 It is a disease of monocytes
 Immunoglobulins chains are either kappa or lambda chain.
 Bothe kappa and lambda chain are seen together

17. Question

The reaction of soluble antigen with antibody is known as

 Complement fixation

18. Question

Which of following is true about prozone phenomenon?

 It is due to disproportionate antigen and antibody levels.
 There is no relation with antigen and antibody levels.
 It is due to proportionate antigen and antibody levels.
 None of the above.

19. Question

Coomb’s test is

 Antiglobulin test
 Complement fixation test
 Agglutination test
 Neutralisation test

20. Question

The widal test is a type of

 Precipitation reaction
 Agglutination reaction
 Complement fixation test


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