Electrical Engineering: Power Electronics MCQ

Getting started with Electrical Engineering: Power Electronics MCQ:
1. Question

In the converter circuit shown below, the switches are controlled such that the load voltage 0(t) is a 400 Hz square wave. 

The RMS value of the fundamental component of V0(t) in volts is _________ . 

2. Question

For the power semiconductor devices IGBT, MOSFET. Diode and Thyristor, which one of the following statements is TRUE? 

3. Question

The transfer function of a system is given by Vo(s) / Vi(s) =1-s / 1+s 

Let the output of the system be V0(t) = Vmsin(ωt+Φ) for the input Vi(t) = Vmsin(ωt). Then the minimum and maximum values of Φ (in radians) are respectively


4. Question

For the circuit shown in the figure below, assume that diodes D1, D2 and D3 are ideal.

5. Question

The figure shows two buck converters connected in parallel. The common input dc voltage for the converters has a value of 100 V. The converters have inductors of identical value. The load resistance is 1 Ω. The capacitor voltage has negligible ripple. Both converters operate in the continuous conduction mode. The switching frequency is 1 kHz, and the switch control signals are as shown. The circuit operates in the steady state. Assuming that the converters share the load equally, the average value of i S1 , the current of switch S1 (in Ampere), is _____ (up to 2 decimal places).