Electrical Engineering: Circuit theory MCQ

Getting Started with Electrical Engineering: Circuit theory MCQ: 

1. Question

The z-parameters of the two port network shown in the figure are z11 = 40Ω , z12 = 60Ω , z21 = 80Ω and z22 = 100 Ω. The average power delivered to RL = 20Ω , in watts, is _______.



2. Question

In the balanced 3-phase, 50 Hz, circuit shown below, the value of inductance (L) is 10 mH. The value of the capacitance (C) for which all the line currents are zero, in millifarads, is ___________.

3. Question

In the circuit shown below, the initial capacitor voltage is 4 V. Switch S 1 is closed at = 0. The charge (in μC) lost by the capacitor from = 25 μ to = 100 μ is ____________.

4. Question

For the given circuit, the Thevenin equivalent is to be determined. The Thevenin voltage, VTh (in Volt), seen from terminal AB is _________.

5. Question

The voltages developed across the 3 Ω and 2 Ω resistors shown in the figure are 6 V and 2 V respectively, with the polarity as marked. What is the power (in Watt) delivered by the 5 V voltage source?