Central Board Secondary Examination(CBSE) – Home Science Sample Paper

Central Board Secondary Examination(CBSE) – Home Science Sample Paper


MM:70                                                                                                        Time :3 Hrs.

1.     Name the standard mark  given for chocolate biscuits and  turmeric powder.          

2.   What is the role of gestures  in the language development of  a child?

3.   Height of    one year old  Raghu   is  70 cm. State   his possible height when he  will be two and  three years old.

4.   Why is friction method not used for washing silks?

5.   Indicate the age at which a child starts  standing with support.  Give one  other motor  ability of this stage.

6.   Apart from unhygienic conditions ,under what two other conditions did PFA declare the carrot burfi sold in the village  fair  as adulterated.

7.   Define incubation period in your own words.

8.   Identify two  signs each  of social  and cognitive development  in a  one year old child.

9.   Compare the substitute care given inside and outside the home?

10.   What  points  would you look for while evaluating the safety features of a crèche?

11. Geeta has given her class 12th board exams. She  wants to become a  dietetican. Guide her to pursue her goal and   name any two agencies  where she can get employed?

12. Convince the women  from a village to visit the nearby ICDS centre with at least four reasons.

13. Why is it important to plan meals? Give at least four reasons.

14. Government provides warning signs below advertisement  of injurious substances. Which  right of consumers  is  fulfilled by these two activities? What do you understand by this right?

15.  Suggest  four ways of creating harmony in a frock of a ten year old  girl.

16. Keeping all elements in mind, suggest a sari blouse for your mother whose arms are heavy and stomach  is  protruding.

17. What four   points would you keep in mind while  lodging a complaint in the district forum?

18. Write   four important  precautions you  would adopt while  using chemicals  to remove  stains from an expensive dress?

19. A family has been served   omelette and toast. Analyse this meal in context to nutrition and   modify to suit the requirements of a person suffering from diahhorea.

20. The villagers are suffering from skin rash. The doctor has ascribed the cause to some adulterant in their diet.  Identify the possible adulterant along with its two other symptoms and three health hazards of consuming these?

21. You notice lot of cockroaches in your kitchen in what six ways could you have prevented these?

22. On the basis of which unhygienic conditions did Rini  decide not to eat the   snacks sold by  the  roadside vendor?

23. Evaluate all types of incomes enjoyed by a family. In what two ways each can they increase them?

24. Ramu is suffering from low grade  fever for the past two weeks. He has a peculiar  odour in his breath and does not feel hungry. Identify the disease he is suffering from  along with its  other three symptoms. What precautions should be taken to prevent this disease from spreading?

25. How can  a family meal get influenced by its structure, resources  and religious beliefs? Explain with the help of any two examples of each.

26. Rajesh   wants to  invest in a scheme which  can earn  higher interest than his savings account. Suggest at least four  safe schemes to him which can fulfill  this criteria. Educate him on at least three features  of each.

27. List any  four   consumer aids which you can use to your advantage.  How?

28.            What four  points  each would you consider to buy a night suit which is  comfortable and  easy to maintain.

29. Elaborate the steps you would adopt while washing cotton fabrics at home?

30. You have a classmate who is hard of hearing.  What are her psychological needs? How can you help her adjust in the class?