Electrical Machine MCQs

Getting started with Electrical Machine MCQs :

1. Question

A 200/400 V, 50 Hz, two-winding transformer is rated at 20 kVA. Its windings are connected as an auto-transformer of rating 200/600 V. A resistive load of 12 Ω is connected to the high voltage (600 V) side of the auto-transformer. The value of equivalent load resistance (in Ohm) as seen from low voltage side is _____.

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The primary mmf is least affected by the secondary terminal conditions in a

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The self inductance of the primary winding of a single phase, 50 Hz, transformer is 800 mH, and that of the secondary winding is 600 mH. The mutual inductance between these two windings is 480 mH. The secondary winding of this transformer is short circuited and the primary winding is connected to a 50 Hz, single phase, sinusoidal voltage source. The current flowing in both the windings is less than their respective rated currents. The resistance of both windings can be neglected. In this condition, what is the effective inductance (in mH) seen by the source?

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A single-phase, 2 kVA, 100/200 V transformer is reconnected as an auto-transformer such that its kVA rating is maximum. The new rating, in kVA, is ______.

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Three single-phase transformers are connected to form a delta-star three-phase transformer of 110 kV/ 11 kV. The transformer supplies at 11 kV a load of 8 MW at 0.8 p.f. lagging to a nearby plant. Neglect the transformer losses. The ratio of phase currents in delta side to star side is