Electrical Engineering: Control system MCQ

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1. Question

The open loop transfer function of a unity feedback control system is given by

G(S) =K(s+1) / s(1+Ts)(1+2s)     K> 0,T> 0

The closed loop system will be stable if,

2. Question

A second-order real system has the following properties:
a) the damping ratio ζ= 0.5 and undamped natural frequency ωn=10 rad/s,
b) the steady state value of the output, to a unit step input, is 1.02.
The transfer function of the system is


3. Question

The gain at the breakaway point of the root locus of a unity feedback system with open loop

transfer function G ( s ) = Ks/(s-1(s-4) is

4. Question

The impulse response g(t) of a system, G, is as shown in figure (a). What is the maximum value attained by the impulse response of two cascaded blocks of G as shown in figure (b)?

5. Question

For the signal-flow graph shown in the figure, which one of the following expressions is equal to the transfer function Y(s) / X2(s)|x1(s)=0     ?