Circular Motion MCQs

6. Question

A body of mass 100 gram, tied at the end of a string of length 3 m rotates in a vertical circle and is just able to complete the circle. If the tension in the string at its lowest point is 3.7 N, then its angular velocity will be ______ (g = 10m/s2)

7. Question

A body of mass m is suspended from a string of length l. What is the minimum horizontal velocity that should be given to the body in its lowest position so that it may complete full revolution in the vertical plane with the point of suspension at the center of circle?

8. Question

A body is traveling in a circle at constant

9. Question

A car is moving on a circular path and takes a turn. If R1 and R2 are the reactions on the inner and outer wheels respectively, then

10. Question

A car sometimes overturns while taking a turn. When it overturns, it is


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