Rajasthan Board Secondary Examination 2011 – Social Science

Rajasthan Board Secondary Examination 2011 – Social Science I

1(i)Indian cultural heritage is
(A) Palaces(B) Literature
(C)  Flora (D) Temples.

(ii)Which fort is called ‘Katargarh’ in Rajasthan ?
(A) Ranthambhor(B) Chittorgarh
(C) Kumbhalgarh (D) Mehrangarh.

(iii)Which state of India elects same number of members for Rajya Sabha as Rajasthan ?
(A) Kerala(B) Gujarat
(C)  Chhattisgarh (D) Orissa.

(iv)The best example of local self-administration in ancient period of South India in the administration is
(A) Chalukya (B) Chola
(C) Pallava (D) Rashtrakuta.

Note : Answer Q. Nos. 2 to 5 in about 10 words each.

2. Name two fairs of Rajasthan organized in the month of Kartik.

3. Who is the speaker of present Rajasthan assembly ?

4. Mention the names of village and block level institutions of Panchayat Raj System.

5. Write the names of two Archaeological sites in Rajasthan.

Note : Answer Q. Nos. 6 to 10 in about 30 words each.

6. “High Court is also a court of records.” How ? Clarify it.      1

7. “Rulers of Gupta dynasty were interested in music.” Give evidence1

8. What is an earthquake ?                 1

9. “Many times due to human activities natural disasters occur.” Mention two such natural disasters. 1

10. In which circumstances and by whom can be the term of the Lok Sabha extended ? 1

Note : Answer Q. Nos. 11 to 18 in about 50 to 80 words each.

11.  What is stoop ? Write two characteristics of the stoop of Sanchi.

12. What do you know about ‘Mandna’, a folk art of Rajasthani painting ?

13. If you are elected as a Zilla Pramukh, what will be your priorities for welfare work for poor persons of your district ?

14. If you are a Returning Officer, which elegibilities will you consider for accepting the nomination form for a candidate of Sarpanch post ?

15. Write a short note on the formation of Cantonment Board.

16. Who elects Mayor of city corporation ? What are the main functions of Mayor ?

17. “A close affinity is there in calamity and disaster.” Prove it.

18. Why is drought called a ‘silent disastar’ ? What important works would you like to do to handle drought situation ?

19. Trace the following places on the map of Rajasthan :

(i)Jaipur             (ii)Jodhpur
 (iii) Udaipur    (iv)Banswara 
(v) Ajmer           (vi) Tonk

20. Trace the following places on the map of India :

(i)Mumbai            (ii) Delhi
(iii) Guwahati     (iv) Bhubaneshwar
(v)Srinagar           (vi) Patna.

Note : Give the answer of Q. Nos. 21 to 24 in about 200 to 250 words each.

21. “The ancient Indian literature was primarily religion oriented.” Discuss the statement in reference to literature of Vedic, Jain and Buddhist.                    2+1+1=4

22. Describe the features of important forts of Rajasthan.              4

23. “Prime Minister is the basis of the Indian administration.” Discuss the main powers of the Prime Minister with reference to this statement.                           4


Compare the main powers of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.                       4

24. “Chief Minister is the head of the Government in a state.” Discuss the appointment and powers of a Chief Minister with reference to this statement.                          =4


Write short notes on the following :
(i) Subordinate courts
(ii) Lok Adalats
(iii) Public interest petitions
(iv)Qualifications of High Court Judges.                                    1+1+1+1=4