Systemic Bacteriology MCQs

16. Question

The culture medium for Coryneacterium diptheriae is

 Loeffler’s serum slope
 McConkey agar
 Sabouraud’s agar
 Lowenstein-Jensen medium

17. Question

Diphtheria  toxin acts by

 Inhibiting acetylcholine release
 Inhibiting glucose transport
 Increasing levels of cyclic AMP
 Inhibiting protein synthesis

18. Question

All of the following statements about Corynebacterium diphtheriae are true EXCEPT

 Toxin is responsible for local reaction
 Iron in surrounding is essentioal for growth
 Phage is essential for toxin production
 Protein synthesis is affected by group A chain

19. Question

One of the following statements regarding diphtheria toxin is true:

 Toxin is produced by all corynebacteria
 Positive Schick test suggest immunity
 Toxin production is influenced by critical concentration of iron
 It is an endotoxin

20. Question

Elek’s gel preciptiation test is for



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