Systemic Bacteriology MCQs

46. Question

In the first week , typhoid is diagnosed by

 Widal test
 Stool culture
 Urine culture
 Blood culture

47. Question

In typhoid, Widal test detects

 O antigen
 H antigen
 Vi antigen
 Both O and H antigen

48. Question

Which is the following is true about the Widal reaction ?

 Antibody to H Ag apears first and persists
 Antibody to O Ag appears first and persists
 Antibodies to H and O Ag appear simulatneously and persist
 None of the above

49. Question

All of the following are true of Widal test EXCEPT

 High titre in first sample is diagnostic
 H antigen is specific for serotyping
 Highly positve H titre is not dianostic
 Maximum titre isreached in the third week

50. Question

TAB vaccination is a

 Passive immunisation
 Active immunisation
 Neonatal immunisation
 Combined immunisation


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