Electrical Engineering: Control system MCQ

31. Question

A stable LTI system with single pole P, has a transfer function G(s)H(s) = S2+100 / (S-P) with DC gain of 5; the smallest possible frequency in radian/sec at only gain is

32. Question

A PMDC motor is connected to 5 V at t = 0. Its speed increases from 0 to 6.32 rad/sec monotonically from t = 0 to t = 0.5s and finally settles down to 10 rad/sec. Assume negligible armature inductance. Find the transfer function?





33. Question

For the given open loop transfer function K/(s+a)(s-b)(s+c). If 1+G(s)H(s) plane encircles the origin once in counter clockwise direction then number of closed loop poles in right side of s-plane will be

34. Question

For the given open loop transfer function with unity negative feed back gain,

G(s)H(s)= S2+S+1/(S3+2S2+2S+K)

The value of gain K. For which closed loop system is marginally stable will be _________

35. Question

When a unit ramp input is applied to the unity feedback system having closed loop transfer function C(s) / R(s) = Ks + b/(s2 + as + b),(a > 0, b > 0, K > 0), the steady state error will be