Electrical Engineering: Control system MCQ

21. Question

The positive, negative and zero sequence impedances of a three phase generator are Z1 , Z2 and Z0 respectively. For a line-to-line fault with fault impedance Zf ,⁡the fault current is⁡ If1 = kIf . where I f is the fault current with zero fault impedance. The relation between Zf and k is 


22. Question

Consider a unity feedback system with forward transfer function given by

                       G(S)= 1/(s+1)(s+2)

The steady-state error in the output of the system for a unit-step input is _________(up to 2 decimal places).

23. Question

A continuous-time input signal x(t) is an eigenfunction of an LTI system, if the output is


t x(t) , where k isejωt

an eigenvalue and is complex exponential signal

, whereejωt

is a complex exponential signal

24. Question

The graph of a network has 8 nodes and 5 independent loops. The number of branches of the graph is

25. Question

A system transfer function is

If a 1 = b 1 = 0, and all other coefficients are positive, the transfer function represents a