Elasticity MCQs

6. Question

A body of mass 500 g is fastened to one end of a steel wire of length 2 m and area of cross-section 2 mm2. if the breaking stress of he wire is 1.25 × 107 N/m2, then the maximum angular velocity with which the body can be rotated in a horizontal circle is

7. Question

To compress a liquid by 10% of its original volume, the pressure required is 2 × 105 N/m2. the bulk modulus of the liquid is

8. Question

According to Horke’s law of elasticity, within elastic limits, if the stress is increased, the ratio of stress to strain

9. Question

The bulk modulus of a fluid is inversely proportional to the

10. Question

A solid sphere of radius R made of a material of bulk modulus K is completely immersed in a liquid in a cylindrical container. A mass less piston of area A floats on the surface of the liquid. When a mass M is placed on the piston to compress the liquid, the fractional change in the radius of the sphere,dR/R  is given by


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