E – Commerce MCQs

56. Question

The bank has to have the public keys of all customers in SET protocol as it has to

57. Question

A digital signature is required
(i) to tie an electronic message to the sender’s identity
(ii)for non repudiation of communication by a sender
(iii) to prove that a message was sent by the sender in a court of law
(iv) in all e-mail transactions

58. Question

Encryption is required to
(i) protect business information from eavesdropping when it is transmitted on internet
(ii)efficiently use the bandwidth available in PSTN
(iii) to protect information stored in companies’ databases from retrieval
(iv) to preserve secrecy of information stored in databases if an unauthorized person retrieves it

59. Question

(i) is a symmetric key encryption method
(ii)guarantees absolute security
(iii) is implementable as hardware VLSI chip
(iv) is a public key encryption method

60. Question

In cheque payment protocol, the purchase order form is signed by purchaser using


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