Banking Terms for Bank Exams

These Banking Terms can be used in studying in bank exams like IBPS bank PO, Clerk, and many more exams

Some of the Banking terms are:


1. AAU: AAU is a marketing study that monitors the changes in consumer attitudes, awareness and uses of a product.

2. ABC Inventory analysis: The classification of goods/services according to sales volume, ensuring that there is easy access to more frequently sold goods is called ABC Inventory analysis.

3. Accelerator principle: The idea that an increase in the demand for consumer goods will cause an increase in the capital goods required for them is known as accelerator principle.

4. Active buyer: A buyer whose latest purchase lies within the last one year period is called an active buyer.

5. Ad hoc research: A marketing research undertaken for a particular one-time need is called ad hoc research.

6. ATM: ATMs are Automatic Teller Machines which are unmanned cash dispensers. In some ATMs cash can also be deposited.