Physics: Sound Wave MCQs

41. Question

the fork A of frequency !00hx is sounded with an other tuning fork B.the number of beats produced is 2. on putting some wax on the prong of B. the number of beats reduces to 1. the frequency of the fork B is 

42. Question

the eqation of a plan progressive wave is given by

y= 0.025 sin (100t + 0.25x).the frequecy wave would be 


43. Question

the velocityof sound in vaccume is

44. Question

which of the following phenomenon cannot take place with sound wave ?

45. Question

A tuning fork X produces 4 beats/sec with a tuning fork Y of frequency 384Hz. When the prongs of X are slightly filed, 3 beats/sec are heard.what is the original frequency of X?