RPET Physics Solved Paper 2013

Engineering Entrance Exam
Physics Solved Paper 2013

1. Question
For a body rotating with constant speed in a horizontal circle, which quantity will be constant?


2. Question
In Young’s double slit experiment, the distance (2d) between the slits S, and S, is 1.0 mm. What should be the width of each slit so as to obtain 10 maxima of the two slits interference pattern within the central maximum of the single slit diffraction pattern?


3. Question
A trolley T(mass 10 kg) on a horizontal smooth surface is pulled by a load (4 kg) through a uniform rope ABC of length 4 m and mass 2 kg. As the load pulls from BC =0 to BC = 4 m, its acceleration (in m/s2) change from


4. Question
The surface tension of a soap solution is 4 x 10-2 N/m. To blow a bubble of radius 4 cm from 2 cm, the work done is


5. Question
A steel wire of length 4.7 m and cross-section 3.0 x 10-5 m2 stretches by the same amount as a copper wire of length 3.5 m and cross-section 4.0 x 10-5 m2 under a given load. What is the ratio of the Young’s modulus of steel to that of copper?


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