Rajasthan Board Secondary Examination 2011 – English Paper

Rajasthan Board Secondary Examination 2011 – English Paper

1.Choose the appropriate preposition and write A, B, C or D of the
correct answer in the format in your answer-book :
(i)Mrs. Sharma spread a cloth ………………… the table.                                       ½
(A)on                         (B) over
(C) above                (D) upon.

(ii)The burglar came in ……………….. the window.                                                 ½
(A) by                           (B) from
(C) through              (D) with.

(iii) Rohan is afraid ……………… dogs at night.                                                          ½
(A)with                        (B) by
(C) from                       (D) of.

(iv)I haven’t seen Vikas …………….. last week.                                                           ½
(A) since           (B) for
(C) by                 (D) at.

2. (A)Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions :
(i) I will see you ………………… Friday. cold.                                                                   ½
(ii) Anuradha is suffering …………………..                                                                        ½
(B)Fill in the blanks with appropriate relative pronouns :
(i)Mr. Jones, for …………….. I was working was very generous.                       1
(ii)The film is about a spy ………………. wife betrays him.                                     1

3. Fill in the blanks with the correct tense forms of the verbs given in the brackets :
(i) The train ……………… before I reached the station. ( leave )                         1
(ii) The peon ……………… the bell by the time we reach school.( ring )         1
(iii) Kamla …………… for an hour when I reached her house. ( sleep )          1
(iv)Hurry up ! Everybody ……………… for you. ( wait )                                            1

4. Fill in the blanks with appropriate determiners given in the brackets :
( some, any, much, many, little, a little, the little, few, a few, the few )
(i) I have a very ……………… money left to spend.                                                      ½
(ii) A great ………………. flowers bloom in the spring season.                             ½
(iii) He has hardly ……………….. time.                                                                                ½
(iv)How …………….. water is there in the pitcher ?                                                  ½

5. Frame a question for the first sentence, and add a question tag to the second sentence :
(i)Why ………………………………………….. ?                                                         1
Children go to school to study.
(ii) Father gave you a cheque, ………………….. ?                                  1
6. Rewrite the following sentences using the connectives given in the
brackets :
(i) Sandhya doesn’t like tea. Sandhya doesn’t like coffee.                       1
( neither …… nor )
(ii)The camera was very costly. I couldn’t buy it.                                          1
( too …… to )
(iii) Mohan doesn’t like apples. His mother doesn’t like apples.         1
( both …… and )

7. Change the following sentences into indirect speech :
(i)She said to me, “Where do you live ?”                                                            1
(ii)The teacher said, “Work hard, my boys.”                                                    1

8.Change the following sentences into passive voice :
(i) People whitewash houses before Diwali.                                                   1
(ii) Who will help you ?                                                                                                  1

9. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :

The Maliks were going to have a house of their own in Delhi. They had
purchased a plot in the most fashionable colony of the city sometime
ago. Now that they were posted back in Delhi, they thought they might as well have the house built. Mrs. Malik also decided that after
completion of the house, she would stay back in Delhi even if her
husband was transferred to another station. She was sick of their
postings. Every other year they were moved to a new place. Now that
the children were grown up, it was not desirable to shift them from
school to school. Mrs. Malik said, if he must, Mr. Malik could go all
alone. She would settle down permanently in Delhi with the children.
She would have her mother-in-law for company. Mr. Malik had no
objection to it.
(i) Where was the plot situated ?                                                                          1
(ii) What was Mrs. Malik tired of ?                                                                        1
(iii) Why did Mrs. Malik not want her children to change schools
again and again ?                                                                                                              1
(iv) Whom did Mrs. Malik want to live with ?                                                 1

10. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :

The coloured paper to make its faces came from Song Ling, a
Chinaman who had a store in town. Sometimes his goods were packed in coloured paper and he always saved it for us. A long time ago, in China, he had flown kites, too. Father kept the paper in a box. It was used only for Rashida’s kite, which we all knew was special; it could sing. We wound the kite strings round bamboo rollers which father had brought with him from Punjab. He had been the best kite flyer in his village. He used to tell us stories of the kite seasons there and of the Basant Panchami, the spring festival, when all India flew kites and there were competitions to see who flew them best. Ama told us stories, too, legends about brave young rajahs using kites as
messengers of love, of a general who cheered his soldiers by tying a
lantern to a kite and telling them it was the star of victory, of villagers
who all night long flew singing kites so that they might sing away every harm and hurt.
(i) Who provided the coloured paper to make kites ?                                     1
(ii) Why did the villagers all night long fly singing kites ?                              1
(iii) How did the general encourage his soldiers ?                                             1
(iv) What stories did the narrator’s father use to tell them ?                     1
(v) What was special in Rashida’s kite ?                                                                   1
(vi) Why did father keep the paper in a box ?                                                       1
(vii) What did the brave young rajahs use as messengers of love ?        1
(viii) Where had father brought the bamboo rollers from ?                        1

11. Answer the following questions each in about 20 – 30 words :

(i) Why did Swami’s father want Swami to sleep alone ?
( A Hero )
(ii)Why did the boy lose his boyhood friends ?

( What I Learnt in the Shoe Store )
(iii) What were the qualities of the good man ?
( An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog )
(iv) What were the two major commandments of Jambaji’s message ?
( The Tale of the Bishnois )

12. Answer any four of the following questions each in about 20 – 30 words :                                                                                                                          4×2=8
(i) Why did Gangi think that the high caste people were big hypocrites ?                                                                     ( The Thakur’s Well ) 2
(ii) Why did the Cabuliwallah stab the writer’s neighbour ?
( The Cabuliwallah ) 2
(iii) Where did the Camel live ? Why ?
( How the Camel Got its Hump ) 2
(iv) What had been the desire of Uttanka’s mistress for a long time ?
( Uttanka’s Gurudakshina ) 2
(v) How did the gentleman show greatness of his heart to the thief ?
( A Man’s True Son ) 2
(vi) How did the Swan turn into a queen again ?
( The Swan Queen ) 2

13. Answer the following question in about 60 – 80 words :
Why is it necessary for us to practise family planning and limit the birth rate ?
( Positive Health ) 4


How many types of violence is there ? Explain each type.
( On Violence ) 4

14. Answer the following question in 60 – 80 words :

How, according to Gandhiji, is the prayer the very core of man’s life ?
( A Discourse on Prayer ) 4


What were the qualities of the three brothers ?
( The Boy Who Tried ) 4

15. Imagine that you are Rohan living at 14 Chandni Chowk, Delhi. Your father promised to give you a prize if you passed the Secondary Examination. Suppose you have passed the examination. Write a letter to your father reminding him of his promise.             5


Imagine that you are Mohit living at 15 Ashok Marg, Almora. Write an application to the Municipal Commissioner on the necessity of a public park in your locality.                                                                                   5

16. Complete the following story in about 60 to 80 words with the help of the given outlines :

An old farmer — four sons — quarrelling with one another — farmer
near death — calls his son — gives each a stick — each breaks — ties
four sticks in a bundle — none is able to break — advantages of unity
— moral.                                                                                                                         5
A villager comes to a farm on horseback — ties horse to a tree — goes
to nearby shop — cup of tea — thief runs away with horse — villager
raises hue and cry — thief caught — says horse is his — goes to court
— the judge asks the thief, “In which eye is the horse blind ?” “Left”,
says the thief — the horse not blind at all  — the thief sent to prison —
the horse given to its owner.                                                                           5

17. You have found a purse containing five hundred rupees. You don’t know the owner. Prepare a notice to be put up on your school notice board giving information about the place where from the purse can be collected.                                                                                                    5

18. Write a paragraph of about 120 words on “A Picnic”. You may touch upon the following points :                                                                     5

(i)The picnic spot.
(ii) The weather on that day.
(iii) The things you carried with you.
(iv) The games you played.
(v) Music and dance.

Write a paragraph of about 120 words on “My Hobby”. You may take
help of the following points given below :                                                       5
(i)What is a hobby ?
(ii) What is your favourite hobby ?
(iii) How do you enjoy it ?
(iv) How is it useful for you ?

19. Explain any two of the following with reference to the context :                                                                                                                                              3+3=6

(i)To laugh is to risk appearing the fool.
To weep is to risk appearing sentimental.
To reach out for another is to risk involvement.
To expose feelings is to risk exposing your true self.
(ii) My courage revived, in my fortune’s despite,
And my hand was as strong as my spirit was light;
It raised me from sorrow, it saved me from pain;
It fed me, and clad me, again and again.
(iii) I let them rest from nine till five,
For I am busy then,
As well as breakfast, lunch and tea,
For they are hungry men;
(iv) A kind and gentle heart he had,
To comfort friends and foes;
The naked everyday he clad,
When he put on his clothes.

20. Explain the meaning of any two of the following literary terms :                                                                                                                                                      1+1=2

(ii) Humour
(iii) Drama
(iv) Sonnet.